Coach Jim Sigona Celebrates 600 Wins with Friends, Family

Jim Sigona 600 wins ceremony
Coach Jim Sigona (middle w/ plaque) was congratulated on his 600th win by a group of well-wishers, including former players. Photo by KIRK DICKEY

Collin College Men's Basketball Coach Jim Sigona celebrated a career milestone with a short ceremony surrounded by friends, family and former players, Dec. 14. 

Standing on the Plano Campus (Spring Creek) competition court, he accepted a plaque for achieving his 600th win as a head coach, which he achieved in a Dec. 4 game against Brookhaven College. Sigona was joined by his family, his current team and about a dozen former Collin College players. Sigona has been the men's basketball coach at Collin College for 32 years. 

One of the players who came back to honor Sigona was Chris Warren, who played for Collin from 1999-2001 before transferring to the University of South Carolina and moving on to a professional basketball career in South America and Europe. Warren credits Sigona with setting him on the right path on the court and in class.

"He was the first coach to really believe in me and he was the first coach to point me in the right direction as far as school," Warren said. "He gave me a roadmap to what my life could be. I will always be appreciative for that."

Warren described Sigona as disciplined but fair with a passion to teach the right way to play. 

"I have had many coaches in my career and he is definitely in the top three," Warren said. 

Sigona credits Warren and players like him for the success he's had. 

"It's the players who have been out there performing every night, putting in the hard work, and naturally all of the assistant coaches and the staff, who have made it possible," Sigona said. "It's been fun.

"And I really have to thank the college and the administration over the last 32 years for supporting the program. If you've been somewhere for over three decades it means it has been good to you and it is a pretty good place to work."