Collin Tennis is Putting in the Work

Collin College Tennis

Collin College Tennis has been punching above its weight class early in the season in preparation for big play down the stretch, according to Coach Marty Berryman. 

The men's and women's teams both lost 8-1 to Seward County Community College and 9-0 to Tyler Junior College, but Berryman said there were "two huge bright spots." Adam O'Shannessy, the men's team's No. 1, beat Seward's No. 1 player, and Lea Mjertan, Collin College's No. 2 women's player, defeated her Seward counterpart. 

"We are real competitive right now, even though our record doesn't show it," Berryman said. "The way we have been competing, with the next few opponents, I think we can build on what we have been doing."

The men's team is 6-8 and the women are 5-10 playing some of the top junior college teams in the nation. 

"It is a gauntlet as soon as the spring season starts," Berryman said. "We want to play all of these teams and they are scheduled every year. 

"We feel like the way we have been competing."

Berryman said both teams are coming around well. He expects good matches out of Laredo College and University of the Ozarks March 6-7. Fans are encouraged to attend the March 7 game against the University of the Ozarks at home beginning at 9 a.m.

"I don't like losing, but the bright spot is that we are going to start winning more and more," he said. 

That optimism is catching. Men's team No. 6, Michel Zobel, was in high spirits even after the Tyler Junior College match.

"We have lost a couple of matches, but we are getting better, so it is all good," Zobel said. "Everyone is like a family, and we are competing as a team. If you compete as a team, you can win together."